MSCHF x Crocs

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TOMM¥ €A$H had the privilege of being the first to don the Big Yellow Boots collaboration during Paris Fashion Week, and since then, it has left a lasting impression on us. Undoubtedly, this silhouette has become one of the most popular and widely discussed styles of 2023, creating quite a buzz on the internet. Now, the American brand, known for its unique designs, teams up with Crocs to present a fascinating collaboration that combines elements of the Classic Clog with the structure of the Big Boots.

To introduce this exciting collaboration, who better to star in the campaign than the iconic Paris Hilton herself? The superstar looks absolutely stunning in the quirky footwear, paired with a matching yellow jumpsuit and a chic ensemble featuring a Kill Bill-style crop top and skinny jeans.

The MSCHF x Crocs collection will be released August 9, on the MSCHF website.

Photos: MSCHF

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