Patta x Tommy Hilfiger Celebrates Freedom and Unity


Dutch clothing brand PATTA has teamed up with the iconic American brand Tommy Hilfiger, for the first time. The collaboration celebrates the the Pan-African flag, which symbolizes the unity and freedom of Africans. The inspiration for the single-drop capsule is black unity and community, with the Pan-African flag as a point of reference. Tommy’s signature colors of white, red and blue have been replaced by the traditional pan-African colors of red, black, green, putting African culture at the forefront.

To further underscore the collection’s message, Patta has produced “Katibo Eye,” a documentary directed by award-winning Dutch film director Frank Zichem, which will be available to view on on a limited basis.

The flim follows Clarence Breeveld, a Suriname-born man living in the Netherlands as he tries to trace the shipping route from Ghana to Suriname that was traveled by his enslaved ancestors.

The Patta x Tommy Hilfiger collection will be available April 9, on the Patta and PattaxTommy websites.

Photos: Hassan Hajjaj / @hassanhajjaj_larache

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