Prada Teams Up With NASA and Axiom Space To Design Spacesuits For Moon Expedition in 2025

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Prada, in a groundbreaking collaboration with Axiom Space and NASA, is embarking on the remarkable journey of designing a spacesuit that will be donned by the pioneering woman set to step onto the moon during the Artemis III mission.

Slated for 2025, this historic mission marks humanity’s return to the moon after the Apollo 17 mission’s departure in 1972. It is a mission that will not only commemorate the first woman’s lunar landing but also the first black individual to set foot on the lunar surface. Michael Suffredini, CEO of Axiom Space, expresses their excitement about partnering with Prada on the development of the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU) spacesuit.

Suffredini highlights Prada’s selection due to its exceptional expertise in working with diverse materials, sewing techniques, and innovative design concepts. He envisions this project as one that will not only enhance the comfort of astronauts on the moon but also address essential adaptations to the human form, which are often lacking in traditional spacesuit designs.

Although the project remains in its preliminary stages, teams from both entities have already begun their collaborative efforts. Prada’s involvement in high-stakes endeavors such as the America’s Cup sailing competition, where it has been crafting suits since 1990 and serves as a sponsor, lends valuable experience to this endeavor. In fact, the Luna Rossa Prada team is set to sport Prada suits in the 2024 edition in Barcelona.

Recognizing the significance of creating a spacesuit that departs from conventional designs, Prada and Axiom are dedicated to producing something unique. While specific aesthetic details are kept under wraps, Prada hints that the suit’s color will be determined by rigorous temperature tests. It is likely to manifest as a predominantly white spacesuit, with subtle hints of color incorporated. This decision reflects the intersection of technical constraints and artistic choices, as elucidated by Bertelli.

Photos: Prada / Axiom Space

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