NOCTA x Nike Unveils “RUN IT” Running Collection

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A fresh sub-label, drawing inspiration from the singer’s creative nocturnal journeys and the clandestine fashion scenes of Toronto, London, and Paris, unveils its latest line that seamlessly blends the world of running aesthetics with the artist’s unique background.

In an exciting collaboration, Drake and Nike have conjured a new release that encompasses essential running attire, all while staying true to the NOCTA lifestyle. This collection brings together performance and style, culminating in a versatile range crafted from top-tier materials. Its functional design and artistic vision draw from the essence of running silhouettes, firmly rooted in the brand’s distinctive identity.

Within this assortment, you’ll discover a women’s running jacket, a men’s jacket, a men’s camouflage top, a women’s unitard, men’s camouflage track pants, men’s camouflage shorts, boxer briefs, sunglasses, and a selection of hair accessories. The inclusion of camouflage and gradient prints elevates this collection to a new echelon in the world of running fashion.

The NOCTA x Nike “Running” collection is available now, on the notch website, as well as the Nike SNKRS app.

Photos: NOCTA / Nike

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