Pwdro is A 19 Year Old Impressive Visual Artist From Brazil

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Pwdro is a 19 year old talented full time artist, based out of São Paulo, Brazil. He has been active in the NFT space since January of 2021, and is known for experimenting with various styles and unique concepts in 2D digital illustrations.

“I believe that one of the biggest influences on my work is old-school horror, since I started creating art, I have looked for references in different scenes and photographs from those movies. I started to realize that there was a pattern for all of the things that I liked, I liked to see the singularity of surrealism in contact with nature, uncomplicating what society my latest collection, I tried to explore this side more, all the artworks exalt the living being in its purest form, a world surrounded by nature and the remains of humanity.I like bringing this mixture of sensations with different physical textures to digital, such as watercolor, acrylic and oil paint, and even collages.”

– Pwdro

For more information about Pwdro, check out his Instagram and website.

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