Slam Jam x Vibram LB214

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Italian based retail store and cultural platform Slam Jam, and fellow countryman Vibram, has teamed up for the first time, and created a shoe titled “LB214”, which connects the worlds of fashion, design and technology.

When creating the shoe, the goal was to reduce production steps, while maintaining its high quality, which has resulted in a hybrid shoe.

Compared to standard shoe manufacturing production, Vibram simplified the thermoforming process into a 3D last, a sheet of Vibram StratX rubber to make a single step upper, which resembles standard shoe shapes. This material is made of highly durable Vibram rubber, which is also water resistant and soft to the touch. The sole is made with Vibram Litebase, which reduces the thickness and weight of the rubber sole while maintaining performance, and Vibram Megagrip rubber, a compound that offers grip on both dry and wet terrain as well as durability.

The Slam Jam x Vibram LB214, is available now, on the Slam Jam website.

Photos: Slam Jam / Vibram

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