RAINS AW23 Thermal Collection

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Crafted to endure a spectrum of weather conditions, the latest offerings are categorized into distinct series, each tailored to cater to diverse styles.

First in line is the Alta collection, showcasing RAINS’ signature winter silhouette equipped with cutting-edge featherless inner tube technology to ensure unwavering reliability in cold climates. Following closely is the Bator series, characterized by sleek, well-defined silhouettes adorned with generously padded chambers and coordinated finishing touches. These garments stand out for their exceptional resistance to both wind and water. A true highlight of the collection is the Harbin series, featuring oversized designs that offer a contemporary twist on traditional puffer styles. Moving on to the Kevo series, it boasts smooth exteriors and quilted backs, presenting a sporty yet opulent aesthetic. Notably, this is the sole series that introduces captivating prints, with camouflage patterns adorning puffers, bombers, and mittens. Lastly, the Vardo series takes the spotlight for its outstanding waterproof properties, presenting a minimalist design approach that emphasizes functionality.

Photos: RAINS

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