Rains AW24 – Figures at Paris Fashion Week

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Similar to an ever-evolving masterpiece, the models underwent scanning in a vibrant tableau de fabrique, metamorphosing into 3D-printed figurines. The outcome was a whirlwind of conceptual uniforms, where postmodern colors, volumes, and cuts intermingled. Each figure, despite being part of a uniformed ensemble, possessed a distinctive identity, contributing to a collective aesthetic coherence.

The RAINS “Figures” collection not only showcased high-performance garments but also accentuated the individuality of each model, encapsulating the brand’s ambitious creative vision. The fusion of postmodern shapes, textures, and tones crafted a visual narrative that conjured a futuristic nostalgia, blending past and future into a stylistic symphony.

“What we aim to create has to be practical and useful, but also playful while still evolving. We like to be differentiated from others”.

– Philip Lotko and Daniel Hesselager – founders of Rains

RAINS’ ongoing collaboration with Zellerfeld materialized in an intensified 3D-printed slide, a testament to how creativity can redefine our unique navigation of the world.

Rains collaborated with the talented makeup artist Min Kim and hairstylist Kim Rance, aiming to refine their vision and bestow the AW24 ensemble with an artfully crafted allure. Moistened faces and dampened hair persisted in the essence of a RAINS assortment that transports us into an uncharted futuristic realm, a place we are now eager to seamlessly integrate into.

Photos: Rains

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