RUF’s New Coffee Table Book is Covered in Authentic Seat Fabric

by Rubén Palma
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German car manufacturer and Porsche customizer RUF Automobile has teamed up with the renowned Belgian book publisher Waft on a limited run book that is a must on every automotive enthusiast coffee table.

The masterpiece of a book, is broken down into two sections, “Alois and Friends,” which covers founder Alois Ruf, and “Yellowbird and Friends,” which covers the 37 RUF models produced to date.

The price for the limited version of the book is set at $300, and is limited to 911 examples. While the ‘very very limited one’ is gonna be $600, which features an authentic Ruf seat fabric custom embroidered with the RUF logo and buyer’s name is limited to only 356 copies.

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