Sony Unveils The New Playstation 5 Controller ‘DualSense’

by Rubén Palma
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Sony recently revealed the final design for the new Playstation 5 controller, called DualSense.

PlayStation DualSense features:

  • The controller has haptic feedback, which means you can feel small vibrations, with much more precise and detailed detail than before.
  • The trigger buttons (L2 + R2) have adaptive resistance. Developers can play with it, but control the trigger resistance, such as when bending a bow.
  • Built-in microphone so you can chat with other players – without a headset.
  • The Share button has been removed, and instead the ‘Create’ button appears, how it differs, PlayStation has not elaborated yet.
  • The design has been optimized for a more ergonomic design – and “evil tongues”, arguably Sony has taken a fair amount of inspiration from the equally iconic Xbox controller.

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