Stone Island “Ghost” Collection

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In the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 season, Stone Island is set to embark on a groundbreaking exploration of volume and weightlessness in their latest collection.

Named “Ghost“, this collection reflects the Italian brand’s deliberate choice to minimize design elements, directing attention towards the materials and their dynamic behavior. The showcased garments embrace a monochromatic palette, boasting a deliberate scarcity of details, evoking an almost uniform-like aesthetic. Cupro Raso takes center stage as one of the primary materials, drawing inspiration from its military origins, offering a soft and silky touch despite being derived from cotton fibers. Complementing this, outerwear pieces showcase the utilization of organic O-VENTILE cotton, another military-grade material renowned for its dual attributes of breathability and water resistance.

The campaign introduces notable figures such as actor Jason Statham, director Ken-Tonio Yamamoto, and architect Heiduff Gerngross, capturing their essence through the lens of David Sims, under the visionary artistic direction of Ferdinando Verderi. This exclusive synergy promises to redefine the boundaries of fashion, making the Stone Island Spring/Summer 2024 collection a true embodiment of innovation and style.

Photo: Stone Island / David Sims

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