Stüssy Spring 2024

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Photographer Liam McRae skillfully captures a mesmerizing visual narrative in the latest photo series, transporting viewers to an undiscovered coastal haven, possibly nestled within an exclusive enclave in California. Within this pristine backdrop, the unveiling of the Spring 2024 collection from a renowned label takes center stage.

Among the standout pieces showcased is a denim ensemble embellished with the distinctive SS logo and the names of iconic cities worldwide, serving as a testament to the collection’s global influence. The ensemble also features a sleek black varsity jacket adorned with Stüssy Sport lettering on the sleeves, alongside a rich caramel-toned workwear-inspired jacket, adding depth and versatility to the lineup.

Expanding the array, the collection boasts an array of athletic shorts, snug fleece linings, meticulously crafted fine-knit jumpers, coordinated sweatshirt and trouser sets, as well as eye-catching printed windbreakers and short-sleeved T-shirts. While perusing the images, there is a tantalizing hint at a potential collaboration with Nike in the realm of footwear, yet no official confirmation has been released to date.

The first drop of the collection is available now, on the Stüssy website.

Photos: Stüssy / Liam McRae

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