Stüssy x COMME des GARÇONS Parfums Presents ‘Laguna Beach’

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The iconic American fashion brand Stüssy has presented a first look at another collaboration, this time in the form of a fragrance with the legendary Japanese brand COMME des GARÇONS Parfums. A scent inspired by Laguna Beach.
Both brands have taken to Instagram to give their followers a preview of the upcoming release.

In a campaign image created by photographer Milo Reid and creative director Edward Quarmby, the perfume is seen packaged in what appears to be a clear bottle engraved with the Stussy brand.
A second post shared by COMME des GARÇONS Parfums reveals that the fragrance could be called Laguna Beach, a nod to the southern California seaside town where Stussy originated in 1980.

The Stüssy x COMME des GARÇONS ‘Laguna Beach’ will be available February 5, on the Stüssy website and stores, as well as Comme des Garçons stores. It will also be available on the Dover Street Market website.

Photos: Stüssy

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