The NBA Has a 25-Day Plan to Resume The Season

by Ruben P
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The NBA refuse to end the 2019/20 season, that’s why they’re thinking of options to resume the league and for the players to return to it in the best possible physical condition. According to ESPN, the idea that is getting the most pull in recent days, is that of a 25-day plan that would consist of individual training and a mini campus.

In the league they are spending a lot of time on a plan to get back into basketball. They hope to have the opportunity to start the league back up.


This plan would include an 11-day series with individual trainings, where there would be measures to maintain social distance for a period of time. After that, they would be expected to be able to play 5v5 matches in a 14-day training camp.

Journalist Brian Windhorst

A good strategy for all the members of the best basketball league in the world to regain as much physical fitness as possible, although the real question is whether they will be able to carry it out at some point. With New York officially becoming COVID-19 ground zero and statistics for the entire United States getting worse daily, it won’t be an easy task, but hope is the last thing that Commissioner Adam Silver and the people who work with him will lose.

What will finally happen? Only time will answer this question, but we cross our fingers to be able to see LeBron James, Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard back on court as soon as possible.

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