VÉHICULE Racing Team and the Eternal Champion

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People, by nature, are drawn to making connections. Whether it is as simple and subconscious as mentally grouping objects, people, actions or concepts, or as deliberate as forming strategic alliances, making associations is in our nature. Animal instinct. This need finds its origin centuries, millenia or epochs ago. It is inborn—you don’t need to be taught it. It is evolved—doing it wrong has ended bloodlines. And it is finely honed—what are we doing here if not constantly improving? The means by which these networks are formed have changed over the years, but the concept’s core has remained: You are only as good as those you associate with. 
VÉHICULE Racing Team encapsulates this approach to the fullest. With its core—two-time world powerboating champions Jan-Cees and Paul Korteland, rally legend Albert von Thurn und Taxis and racing polymath Riccardo Ponzio—VÉHICULE has assembled a group of sportsmen who have chosen victory. When one wins, they all win. Those wins push the collective towards more, with each of its members driven to one-up each other in actions that are at once fiercely competitive and unwaveringly deferential. This is a racing team that prides itself on its curatorial sensibilities, and its prowess in creating a unified platform for its vision of promoting and acting as a steward of authenticity, and in turn, the history of winning. Once a champion, always a champion.

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