How Much it Actually Costs to Run Apache Warpath 41 Offshore Powerboat

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After having presented a string of collabs and capsule collections, along with having their racing team attend the “craziest race in the world”, luxury brand and avant garde transportation Magazine, VÉHICULE, sat down for an exclusive with Jay Triandafilou, who recounted over ten years of ownership of the Apache Warpath.

“I purchased the boat in approximately 1999 from Randy Sweers. Greg Gluck was my contact. I’ll never forget the day myself, when a close friend and master engine builder Karl Patske and I called Greg to set up an ocean test. The ocean was where you could really test the horsepower. In those first three months of owning Warpath, I spent what I had paid for the boat three times over. Not to mention operating costs. Dyno sheets showed 975 horsepower at 5600 RPM. They used 110-octane fuel, and the boat held 360 gallons per motor. Each motor used 150 gallons an hour at wide-open throttle. With two motors, and fuel at $8 per gallon, we were looking at $2,400 an hour. Fill the boat for an afternoon out…you do the math.”

– Jay Triandafilou

For more information about VÉHICULE, check out their website. You can also check out our interview, with VÉHICULE founder, Christopher Kippenberger, here.

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