VÉHICULE Racing Team: Losing Starts With Second Place

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It’s no secret that people are full of shit. This has been the case for as long as anyone can remember. Claims are made, titles are appropriated and words that once meant something are tacked on with the intention to deceive. Call it what you will—misrepresentation, the telling of a half-truth, creative worldbuilding or simply lying. In the end, facts are irrefutable. They are open to interpretation, as most things are, but certain realities can and should not be avoided. On a long enough timeline, the undeniable story will always come out. 

With multihyphenate Chris Kippenberger at its helm, VÉHICULE has cultivated a culture around putting its money where its mouth is since its inception in 2018. Built in Miami upon the premise of creating no-pretense objects of value, with a portfolio spanning everything from publications and fine-art prints to cars and boats, VÉHICULE has continuously proven that the best way to convince people of anything is not by pretending, but by doing. 

The distillation of this ethos is Kippenberger’s VÉHICULE Racing Team and its crown jewel, a Bernico FTX27 racing boat captained by Dutch brothers Jan-Cees and Paul Korteland. A single, 300-horsepower Mercury outboard sits at the super-light watercraft’s aft end and gives way to gently swooping, torpedo-like contours that, even when on land and perched on a trailer, exudes speed. Sleek gloss grey dominates the powerboat’s form, set off by highlights of neon yellow—a color that has become a signature for both the Kortelands and VÉHICULE Racing Team. As is the case with most racers, this boat is also replete with the names of sponsors. The difference here is the finely curated nature of the team’s supporters, with Drake’s ubiquitous OVO venture, celebrated Italian watchmaker Unimatic, and the iconic outdoor and technical clothing brand K-Way, occupying prominent positions. 

VÉHICULE Racing Team’s race boat is a winner, a bonafide contender in the fiercely competitive offshore world. When they call themselves world champions, they mean it. They really are world champions—they’re not just printing it on a shirt like countless seemingly high-end brands before them. VÉHICULE has touted themselves as a platform for creating meaningful connections across spheres of influence. This endeavor is a testament to that mission, beckoning a new chapter of authenticity.

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