10 Quick Ones with MASHINE

by Rubén Palma
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Mashine is an interesting up-and-coming traditional painter, as well as a leading visual artist and NFT creator. She was born in Ukraine, but is now based out of Switzerland and Italy. A pioneer in the digital art underground, you can find her NFTs on Foundation, Opensea, LooksRare and other reputable NFT marketplaces. In 2015 she received a BA in industrial design from IED Milano. MASHINE works with both digital and physical art, using the airbrush technique. She balances substance and technique with provocation and humor.

Without further ado. Here are MASHINE’s 10 questions.

Live in the 80s or Live in the 90s?

I’m 90‘s kid so definitely best time to be back to living in.

A life of virtue or A life of sin?

I consider myself a generous empathic person, I was born to make this cruel world a better, kinder and more beautiful world.

Andy Warhol or Yoko Ono?

Both are hype eaters and pop culture suckers. banality raised to the rank of art

Sci-fi or Reality?

Hyper realistic reality, live in nature, drink water from a spring, eat sour butts of ants, but go to a friend for lunch through a hyperloop portal

No social media for a year or Eat nothing but cereal for a year?

I think I can even survive on eating cereal boxes.

Thriller movies or Comedy?


Physical Paintings or NFTs?

This question for me sounds like Literature or PayPal?

Rap music or House music?

Where I was born, rap is considered low intellectual music for narcissistic unemployed people cut off from reality with low IQ. Rappers suck their own dicks mostly apart rare exceptions. All genres of electronic music of course.  

Late nights or Early mornings?

All the best things in my life happened at night.  Can’t remember the last time I woke up before 13 pm.

Camping in the alps or Stay in a beach hut?

In the Alps I feel cut off from civilization, in the mountains I feel anxious.  only beach and sun 24/7

For more information about MASHINE, check out her Instagram and website.

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