Acne Studios Unveils Bolzter Football Sneakers

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Drawing inspiration from the fundamental principles that underpin the aesthetic essence of football, Acne Studios unveils a novel and exclusive addition to their footwear lineup.

Enter the Bolzter Football Sneakers, a fresh creation hailing from the design studios of the Stockholm-based brand. Fashioned from lustrous silver metallic leather, these sneakers exhibit a distinctive quilted texture, gracefully adorning a deceptively lightweight framework. Notably, they showcase a thoughtfully crafted folded side tongue, coupled with iridescent accents in captivating hues of orange and green. The iconic rubber sole, preserved from the original Bolzter model, retains its futuristic appeal, with its avant-garde protruding blocks asserting their presence. Manifesting a consistent brand identity, the Acne Studios logo graces the exterior side of the shoe, embellishes the heels, and proudly crowns the jutting flap that artfully conceals a segment of the black laces.

This audacious and delightfully playful concept exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to fearless experimentation. Anticipated to make its debut across online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores in the impending weeks, it reinforces Acne Studios’ bold spirit and resolute willingness to push the boundaries of style.

Photos: Acne Studios

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