AMBUSH Presents First NFT Collection

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AMBUSH’ founder and DIOR MEN director of jewelry, Yoon Ahn, has taken to Instagram to announce the launch of the brand’s first NFT collection, called POW! Energon. The collection consists of 88 unique NFTs, which is the brand’s signature ring, that has been worn by the likes of: Pharrell, Kanye West and A$AP Rocky.

Presented through an NFT video, the POW!, an iconic piece from the brand’s early days- is presented in a layer of gold and moves in a circular motion. The item is made up of a series of stacked pixels, with “POW!” engraved on the front, while the AMBUSH logo makes its appearance on the bridge.

The AMBUSH POW! Energon NFT, will be available from February, on OpenSea.


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