Aries Captures The Essence of Paparazzi Culture For SS24 Collection

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The avant-garde London streetwear label Aries has unveiled a groundbreaking campaign that captures the essence and aesthetics of paparazzi culture like never before.

Breaking away from the conventional, Aries takes a unique spin on the paparazzi phenomenon, a theme previously explored by other fashion giants like Bottega Veneta and Gucci. Photographer Adrian Samson‘s lens becomes the vessel through which Aries reimagines the spirit of faux reportage and metanarrative.

Introducing the SS24 lookbook, Aries offers a satirical glimpse into contemporary images of the paparazzi, using dynamic sequences to showcase their elevated designs that pay tribute to the iconic style of The Sopranos.

This imaginative world takes a leap into reality as Hawaiian shirts seamlessly blend with soft-grunge elements, featuring lace waistcoats, plush knitwear, and oversized shirts. Meanwhile, the collection seamlessly weaves together Americana, Y2K aesthetics, and tech fashion, incorporating printed and distressed denim, laid-back jumpers, and mesh styles. Loose silhouettes, along with a striking Matrix-inspired black and neon green color palette, add a futuristic edge to the collection.

To complete the ensemble, the iconic “J’adoro Aries” slogan makes a triumphant return, adorning and elevating accessories, jeans, and shirts. Aries pushes the boundaries, creating a narrative that has never been told, bringing to life a fusion of fiction and fashion that stands apart in the realm of high-end streetwear.

The new Aries collection is available now, on the Aries website.

Photo: Aries / Adrian Samson

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