Awake NY x Converse “One Star”

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Angelo Baque, the visionary behind Awake NY, channels his deep musical fervor into a captivating collaborative venture centered around the timeless Converse ‘One Star Pro’ silhouette.

Within this creative partnership, Baque and his artistic counterpart embark on a transformative journey, breathing new life into the legendary ‘One Star’ form in three distinct color variations. Their exploration delves into the vibrant subcultures coursing through the veins of New York City, embracing the essence of non-conformity that defined the skate scene and alternative music landscape of the early 1990s. These profound influences seamlessly intertwine with both the footwear and the apparel collection, encapsulating the entire spectrum of this exhilarating series.

Angelo Baque, reflecting on this project, shares, “The One Star has always resonated with the rebellious spirit of early ’90s punk and alternative icons like Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, or the Beastie Boys. It’s the kind of music that defied the expectations of people from Richmond Hill, Queens, and that’s why it had to be a fundamental part of this collection.”

The ‘One Star Pro’ materializes in powder blue, black, and grey suede, each silhouette sporting common design elements and hallmarks. Most notably, the ‘Awake NY’ embroidery boldly adorns the side panel, juxtaposed against the iconic star-shaped cutout. A high-gloss rubber midsole with a distinctive heel badge and a substantial stripe lends an air of completion to the silhouette.

Putting an emphasis on innovation and performance enhancements, the ‘One Star Pro’ elevates the original ‘One Star.’ It boasts a skate-centric Converse CONS rubber outsole and incorporates a molded CX footbed for superior comfort and support.

Turning attention to the accompanying apparel line, it encompasses an array of offerings, including hoodies, rugby jerseys embellished with a prominent star motif on the back, and graphic tees impeccably dyed to match the aesthetic and color palette of the footwear.

Photos: Awake NY / Converse

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