EDWIN SS23 – Shogi Collection

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EDWIN is making headlines again with the release of its Shogi collection, the first drop from its SS23 collection. Shogi, a traditional Japanese chess game, gains renewed attention through EDWIN’s collaboration. Inspired by the Naruto manga and the iconic matches between Asuma and Shikamaru, this unique capsule embodies the essence of EDWIN with its denim fabric, graphic patterns, and understated elegance. Captured by Yutaro Tagawa and art directed by Toshifumi Kiuchi, the collection is showcased in a warm and natural setting that pays homage to Japanese tradition. The capsule features various pants, tops with rugby influences, and a standout piece—a cream white and black “Tokyo” cardigan. The Shogi EDWIN SS23 capsule is now available on the brand’s website.

Photos: EDWIN / Yutaro Tagawa

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