Everything About The Beastie Boys Documentary and Where To Watch It

by Rubén Palma
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Spike Jonze (whose real name is Adam Spiegel) is, along with David Fincher and others, one of the greatest revolutionaries in the history of music videos. He soon jumped into different formats such as film or documentaries. But the thing is that Jonze did not do it in any way, being responsible for absolute gems like “Adaptation”, “How to be John Malkovich”, “I’m Here” or the wonderful “Her” (who possibly should have won the Oscar for best film in 2013).

In almost any of the calibres he chooses (including “Jackass”) Jonze seems to give a touch of authenticity to the product, hence he creates quite expectations with each new project. Although, to tell the truth, the director has as many followers as he has detractors: the former love his particular style and unpredictability etc branded him a hipster.

Be that as it may, Jonze has just released the documentary “Beastie Boys Story” on Apple TV And fromthe first minute we already know that we are dealing with a special movie. At first, the documentary is shown in real time in a crowded theater as Michael Diamond (“Mike D”) and Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) narrate the film amid laughter and reactions from all kinds of absolutely devoted audiences. As you know, Adam Yauch passed away from cancer in 2012 and logically does not appear in the documentary.

We follow the Beastie Boys as they became known to their early beginnings with rock and punk to their first raps, Rick Rubin’s entry into the scene, their massive and worldwide success and their current legacy as an iconic and legendary group.

The great thing about the documentary is that you don’t have to be a fan of the group to enjoy it. The energy that Mike D and Ad-Rock continue to show on stage and their natural charisma is still as great as when they went up to play live. This, together with the fact that they are part of the history of music in the United States, makes “Beastie Boys Story” not just another detailed special or a product for followers, but a complete must watch.

You can watch the Beastie Boys documentary online here.

We are not going to talk about quarantine or killing time. Spike Jonze and the Beastie Boys have hit the spot with almost two hours of history, good music, humor, feelings and legacy and from here we can only tell you to go and see it.

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