First Trailer For ‘Capone’ Starring Tom Hardy

by Rubén Palma
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Tom Hardy is back on track in the gangster genre, playing none other than the most iconic gangster in the United States – Al Capone.

The film, which used to go under the name ‘Fonzo’, but is now called ‘Capone’, follows the life of the crime boss at the age of 47, where he’s in prison and has already served 11 years of his sentence.

Both time and his deeds have caught up with him – the film depicts how his memories of a violent past overtake him and the otherwise steel-fast legend begins to clash with dementia and inner demons.

Since the movie was announced back in 2016 after several delays, the movie has finally come to a head. The movie comes directly on streaming services. The release date is still unknown.

Photo: Youtube

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