Kith Women & Sailor Moon Collection To Release This Week

by Rubén Palma
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Through an Instagram post, Kith revealed that a capsule collection is coming up, in collaboration with the Sailor Moon franchise to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the anime Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in the United States.
For the occasion, all the main characters took off the clothes of the “sailor-dressed fighters” and took a dip in the archives of the New York brand. For the moment only two hoodies have been and four T-shirts have been revealed: The hoodies: one black, with the Sailor Moon print applied behind the brand logo; a pink one, in which the Inner Senshi (Bunny, Amy, Rea, Morea, Marta) are dressed Kith from head to toe. The T-Shirts also stars Bunny over the Kith Logo.

Born in Japan in the early 1990s, Sailor Moon has been a key part of Millennial childhood around the world. Twenty years after the end of the original anime (born from the manga of Naoko Takeuchi), Usagi (the international name of Bunny) and the other warriors are still the protagonists of video games, merchandising, reprints of the manga (as well as infinite replicas on Italia1), so much so that in 2014 an adaptation of the anime more faithful to the history and designs of the manga was produced: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.

Photo: Instagram / Kith

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