Footdistrict x Ma®ket

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Footdistrict and Ma®ket have forged a dynamic alliance, emerging from the shadows after the summer hiatus. Ma®ket, the venerated American brand renowned for its deep ties to the realm of suburban living and pop culture, has handpicked Footdistrict as its transoceanic accomplice in this groundbreaking venture. This union serves as a jubilant commemoration of Footdistrict’s illustrious decade-long journey, an evolution that has naturally blossomed from years of shared endeavors. These two avant-garde brands converge with a harmonious synergy, where creative concepts meld and give birth to uncharted dialogues of innovation.

What renders this partnership truly extraordinary is the invigorating infusion Ma®ket contributes to the equation. The ensemble encompasses a splendid array of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and, in the grand spotlight, an exquisite basketball.

Delve into the very essence that inspired this collection—a realm reminiscent of the nefarious protagonists from cult-classic B-movies. Imagine their audacious vision of a universe awash with memes, pixelated reverie, and an unabashed spirit of irreverence. The iconic Smiley, a perennial symbol of joy dating back to the enigmatic seventies, gracefully graces this distinctive collection.

Prepare yourself, for this exclusive collection shall unfurl its wonders solely within the hallowed confines of Footdistrict, commencing its reign on the illustrious date of September 14. Uncover the treasure trove of creativity on their virtual website.

Photos: Footdistrict x Ma®ket

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