Tremaine Emory Steps Down As Creative Director For Supreme

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At this moment in time, the exact reasons for their departure remain undisclosed. Both Emory and Denim Tears, as well as Supreme, have refrained from providing any comments in response to Complex’s inquiries.

In February 2022, Tremaine Emory was appointed as Supreme’s inaugural creative director. Recently, the brand unveiled the initial components of its Fall/Winter 2023 collection, representing the second comprehensive line guided by Emory’s creative direction following Spring/Summer 2023.

In a recent interview with Just Smile magazine, Emory shared his perspective on industry validation versus community validation. “I would caution kids who worry about validation from these big conglomerates and media giants, because these conglomerates are banks. LVMH is a bank. Kering Group is a bank. Paramount is a bank. This is late-stage capitalism. These institutions will finance a designer, an artist, a band, a director, a writer or whatever to do something and get more money than they put in. That’s what it’s all about for them,” he shared. “If you’re looking for their validation because So-and-so appointed you creative director, you’re losing. In fact, you’ve already lost. But if you seek validation, first of all, in yourself and, secondly, in the community that cares about you and cares about you, you have the opportunity to live a life without regrets.”

Emory will persist in channeling his design perspective through his personal brand, Denim Tears. Over the recent years, Denim Tears has significantly impacted the fashion landscape by narrating the story of the African diaspora through its clothing. Emory elaborated on this sentiment in a 2020 interview with RSVP Gallery’s Najee Redd, stating, “For me, Denim Tears is somewhat akin to a Supreme for black individuals and anyone who wishes to commemorate or celebrate our shared experiences. It employs T-shirts as canvases for awareness and self-expression.”

Regarding Supreme’s future direction, the decision remains uncertain as to whether they will seek a new creative director to succeed Emory or explore an alternative path.

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