K-WAY x UVNT Art Fair

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Embarking on a groundbreaking alliance, K-Way joins forces with UVNT as a strategic partner for the upcoming edition of the UVNT Art Fair. This collaboration marks the genesis of a novel discourse between fashion and art, promising a unique synthesis that will manifest in K-Way’s immersive participation throughout the diverse facets of the Art Fair. Not only will the brand sponsor the creation of a featured artwork on display, but it will also take on the responsibility of outfitting the UVNT team and staff during the entirety of the Fair.

In a symbiotic fusion for this particular edition, UVNT and K-Way have harnessed their collective creativity to collaborate with artist Ismael Iglesias. Through a fusion of various artistic disciplines, seamlessly blending light art with textile craftsmanship, Iglesias has birthed a two-part masterpiece. The initial segment beckons exploration within the confines of the K-Way store at Fernando VI, 31, while the latter section finds its residence within the UVNT Fair at Matadero.

Rooted in its Parisian origins since 1965, K-Way® has evolved into an iconic emblem for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Pioneering the rainwear realm, the brand revolutionized the market with the introduction of the world’s inaugural lightweight, waterproof rain jacket—ingeniously foldable into a compact bag for convenience.

From the vibrantly hued, budget-friendly rain jackets that stormed the fashion scene in the 1970s and 1980s to today’s avant-garde garments and accessories, K-Way® continues to be a trailblazer in the realm of pragmatic and functional fashion. A global entity with a footprint in over 20 countries, K-Way® caters to a diverse clientele, offering a spectrum of vivid colors, daring prints, and unparalleled performance. Whether navigating rugged terrains, exploring bustling cityscapes, or seeking a reliable rain jacket, K-Way® stands as the epitome of style and functionality, ensuring you are covered in every adventure.

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