Salomon XT-WINGS 2 x Palace

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In its fourth creative partnership with Salomon, Palace Skateboards has cast its focus onto the trailblazing XT-WINGS 2 running model. This iteration bursts forth with vibrancy, an embodiment of opulence, showcasing metallic branding that shimmers and a sole kissed by the marbled allure.

The spotlight of the campaign shines brightly on Courtney Dauwalter, an iconic figure in the realm of ultrarunning, presently reshaping the trail landscape in terms of both performance and fashion. As a past victor and holder of records in three of the globe’s most momentous trail races (Western States, Hardrock, and UTMB), Dauwalter sets her sights on etching her name into history by conquering all three in a single season. Alongside Dauwalter strides Palace’s own artist and skater, Dino da Silva. The duo’s encounter took place in Chamonix, France, where they juxtaposed the worlds of running and skating, uniting in a jaunt across the pinnacle of the Alps.

Mark your calendars for September 1st, the day when this distinct model will grace the market, coinciding with Courtney’s determined stride onto the starting line of the UTMB. With Salomon Running gear adorning her, fate willing, Courtney might once more ascend the winner’s podium, clad in the splendid Salomon Palace Wings 2.

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