Kiko Kostadinov and C.P. Company Unveils New Collaboration

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C.P. Company and Kiko Kostadinov return from a four-year design expedition, this time with a utilitarian capsule built to conquer the elements. Their first collaboration, the mod-inspired Sinesis Jacket, was a mere taste of what this duo could achieve. This new collection goes beyond a single statement piece, offering a three-part arsenal for the unpredictable weather warrior.

The centerpiece is a chameleon-like hooded jacket in a steely gray. Crafted with adaptability in mind, its modular design allows for on-the-fly customization. Think “Transformer” for your outerwear. Zip off sections, adjust panels, and even transform the front portion into a handy zippered bag. This isn’t just a jacket, it’s a mobile survival shelter.

For maximum legwear functionality, the collection boasts cargo pants brimming with zippered pockets. They’re the ultimate for those who like to carry their world with them, prepared for any urban obstacle course. Rounding out the trio is a vibrant green hoodie, a jolt of color against the collection’s tactical aesthetic. Made from a breathable cotton-nylon blend, it offers both comfort and a touch of personality.

This isn’t just another clothing drop; it’s a strategic pact between two design forces. The C.P. Company x Kiko Kostadinov collaboration is available now on their respective websites, so gear up and get ready to conquer the concrete jungle, or the actual jungle, for that matter.

The new collaboration between C.P. Company and Kiko Kostadinov is available now, on their respective websites.

Photos: C.P. Company / Kiko Kostadinov

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