Levi’s Red Spring 2021

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Levi’sRed line brings back oversized silhouettes for its spring 2021 collection. Dropped shoulders, wider hems and flowy garments are scattered around Levis’ classic silhouette

The collection presents details such as irregular or uneven zigzag seams, thread reinforcements instead of the usual copper rivets or details created especially for the collection, such as the back patch made of paper or leather, the classic Red Tab with an “R” in yellow color and cane buttons simulating worn enamel.

As for the fabrics, the collection is made of organic cotton and as a novelty, “cottony” hemp is introduced. This new fabric drives the brand’s commitment to sustainability and is incorporated into various garments. Hemp requires less water and fewer chemicals to grow than cotton, and after a process of “cottoning” the fiber, a fabric is equal to or softer than traditional cotton.

For the presentation Levi’s had the dancer Anders Hayward and the model Hanna Lhoumeau, whom you can see in the video below.

Photos: Levi’s

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