HP Acquires HyperX

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In just a few years, the name HyperX has gone from being quite unknown, to being widely recognized by gamers worldwide. Part of this recognition comes from the gamer brand’s prominent presence in e-sports, where both streamers and e-sports athletes have favored the brand – especially in the form of headphones and accessories.

HyperX as a brand dates back to 2002, when it was established as the dedicated gaming brand by the parent company Kingston Technology, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer flash-memory.†

HP is now taking over the gamer brand. A press release from Kingston Technology states that there is an agreement in place – and that HP will pay $ 425 million USD for HyperX.

In recent years, HP has had a strong focus on gaming under their own gamer brand Omen. However, it seems that Omen has not had the same pull as many other gaming brands. And here is where the approach of HyperX can probably help to create a greater demand in HP’s gamer portfolio.

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