Maharishi FW23 “An Exploration of Industrial Workwear”

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Introducing its Fall-Winter 2023 collection titled ‘Exploring Industrial Workwear,’ Maharishi derives inspiration from the practicality and long-lasting nature of industrial work attire throughout the last five centuries.

At the heart of the collection lies workwear, specifically highlighting the uniforms worn by construction workers and firefighters hailing from England, Japan, and the United States. Notably, the collection spotlights materials like ripstop, cordura, and Pearl Weave Cotton, drawing from the fabric reminiscent of early kimonos donned by Japanese firefighters. As an innovative touch, the collection incorporates waterproof fabric sourced from the French factory Aplex.”

The Maharishi Fall / Winter 2023 collection is available now, on the Maharishi website.

Photos: Maharishi / Tom Moran

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