Moncler Genius x Gentle Monster “SWIPE”

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Moncler Genius and Gentle Monster delve into the way our society measures emotions in today’s digital age in their next collaboration. We live in a society where the moderation of emotions is considered a virtue. Recognizing the fact that our emotional universe is finite in physical space, Gentle Monster aims to release these fragments of contained emotions through the act of “SWIPE” in the digital world.

“SWIPE” in this collection is used metaphorically as a tool for emotional expression, going beyond an act of moving through a digital device to activate a certain function. During the collection presentation show, the Gentle Monster team worked with groups of sound and media artists such as Graycode (Taebok Cho) and jiiiiin (Jinhee Jung), to create an immersive digital experience.

The entire collection is 100% sustainable, following the Moncler Genius philosophy, and includes a complete look for men’s and women’s clothing, as well as 4 eyewear designs, with the SWIPE logo, especially created by the Gentle Monster team. visible in all parts.

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