Moncler x adidas Originals Unveil New Collaboration

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Moncler and adidas Originals have come together in an exciting collaboration, merging the worlds of urban fashion and adventure, pushing the boundaries of creative partnership. Drawing inspiration from the journey between mountainous landscapes and the bustling cityscape, these two iconic brands have curated avant-garde designs that underscore the notion that utility unlocks boundless potential for exploration.

This creative initiative, titled ‘The Pursuit of Discovery,’ positions explorers as the central theme, underscoring the shared ethos of both brands. This concept takes shape initially through a series of AI-generated explorers and subsequently in a collection of distinctive multimedia art installations.

Building on the initial unveiling at the ‘The Odyssey of Brilliance‘ exhibition held during London Fashion Week in February, artists hailing from diverse disciplines embarked on crafting explorers infused with a human touch, drawing inspiration from the collection. The sculptures, curated by talents such as Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor, along with real-life explorers adorned by Ai Kamoshita and artfully styled by Isamaya Ffrench, sprang to life, immortalized through the lens of renowned photographer Hanna Moon.

This voyage of creative exploration transcends its physical bounds, venturing into the digital realm with the introduction of an immersive online platform by Moncler. Inspired by the collection’s thematic arc, spanning from mountain pinnacles to the urban jungle, this exclusive hub showcases unique products and unveils the collection’s intricacies through a virtual gallery that evokes the vivid urban backdrop of this year’s ‘The Odyssey of Brilliance’ exhibition.

Moreover, a limited edition artistic interpretation of Moncler x adidas Originals NMD boots has been conceived, adapting the iconic silhouette to the digital sphere, culminating in an NFT accessible via the adidas Confirmed platform and mobile app.

This exceptional collection is slated for release on Moncler and Adidas websites, commencing on October 4, and will be available at handpicked Moncler and adidas boutiques beginning October 5.

Photos: Moncler / Hanna Moon

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