MSCHF Unveils Microscopic Handbag

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After setting the internet on fire with their “Big Red Boots”, Brooklyn based collective, MSCHF, now explores the world of accessories through the design of its ‘Microscopic Handbag’, inspired by Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo model.

Measuring 657 by 222 by 700 micrometers, the semi-translucent bag is virtually impossible to see, let alone appreciate. Not even its representative details, such as the LV monogram that MSCHF was able to sculpt along the silhouette.

According to Kevin Wiesner, creative director of MSCHF, the microbag was conceived as a critique of the shrinkage of today’s luxury handbags. As a sort of detraction to the fact of distorting the very functionality of the accessory, and turning it into eccentric or flashy objects in which its utility is relegated to a non-existent plane.

The OnTheGo silhouette, which takes on a rectangular shape sealed by the LV logos, is made translucent so that it is more visible when placed against the light under a microscope. For its creation, as usual, MSCHF didn’t even think to ask Louis Vuitton’s permission to go ahead with the project. “Pharrell loves big hats, so we made him an incredibly small bag,” Wiesner told The New York Times.

To realize this design, the MSCHF team collaborated with several industrial manufacturers specialized in biotechnology, who ended up sculpting it with resin using a microscopic 3D printing process known as “two-photon polymerization”.

The MSCHF microscopic bag will be offered for sale exclusively at Sarah Andelman’s Just Phriendsauction on June 19, alongside other iconic pieces signed by Chanel, KAWS, Richard Mille or Louis Vuitton itself.

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