Our Legacy Spring 24 “Snow in April”

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This collection mirrors the unpredictability of Stockholm’s weather, where warm days can abruptly give way to chilly temperatures. The Swedish brand showcases knitwear adorned with winter and traditional patterns, yet surprisingly lightweight and thin enough to be worn throughout the year.

The color palette, cool and dry, cleverly deceives the eye into perceiving these garments as winter attire, while in reality, they are designed for functionality and versatility.

The collection embraces bold graphic tees adorned with elements reminiscent of Japanese horror movies. These eerie visuals are accompanied by the presence of sturdy metal chains, leather bracelets, and cotton wraps, adding a touch of macabre. Furthermore, the denim pieces draw inspiration from workwear, incorporating the brand’s signature “Chain-Twill” denim, which provides a comfortable and cozy texture reminiscent of joggers.

“I’ve always liked the idea of watching horror movies during the day in the summer to soften their intention,” (…) “The mix of the film’s visuals and the fading, overexposing sunlight inspired the prints present in the collection.”

– Cristopher Nying, creative director of Our Legacy. 

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