Palace ULTIMO 2023

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Over the past weekend, during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Alpine team adorned themselves both on and off the racing track with apparel – including a specially designed livery – fashioned by the collaborative efforts of Palace and Kappa. Presenting now is the fresh lineup from the London-centric brand: Palace Ultimo.

The garments showcased in this latest assortment are distinguished by their cozy structures and materials, serving as a clear indication that winter’s imminent arrival is upon us. Within this collection, customary to the brand, you’ll encounter an array of sweatshirts, polos, and graphically adorned T-shirts. Additionally, there’s a diverse selection of outerwear and accessories like caps or balaclavas. Noteworthy are the vibrant color blocks, the prevalence of intricate prints, and a standout piece – a varsity jacket meticulously crafted with GORE-TEX.

The Palace Ultimo collection is set to hit the market commencing November 24, available for purchase on the Palace website and at their brick-and-mortar stores.

Photos: Palace

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