Planet Zabor – A New Comic Series Where Humans are Food

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Roughly speaking some 2-3 million years ago, we humans were frightened hominids (kind of apes) surrounded by stronger animals that could easily have exterminated us.

But we won the survival battle of evolution and we ended in the top of the food chain. The once afraid hominids are now the kings of Planet Earth. We, humans, eat the animals we need or like to eat.

Check out the video below.

Now… imagine a faraway planet with 2 suns emitting a pinkish light to which humanoid eyes never adapted to. But pigs, yes… they adapted to that pinkish light and evolved into the master species of the planet. Humanoids are eatable animals called “krrunchos”.

The story was created by Rubén Palma and Book 1 begins with a trivial theft police investigation at a hatchery of krrunchos. But then things develop in unexpected ways. 

Planet Zabor is sentimental and cruel, intellectual and violent – and has some rough scenes (16+). You can download Book 1 now, for free on the Planet Zabor website.

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