Pornhub Releases Their First Non-Pornographic Documentary

by Rubén Palma
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Pornhub is launching their first non-pornographic documentary, and thereby expanding their range.

Yup. You read right. Pornhub has to make a documentary. Without porn.

The documentary, called “Shakedown,” is an hour-long documentary showing an underground lesbian club in Los Angeles. The documentary focuses especially on a group of artists, the Shakedown Angels, and is filmed from 2002-2017. It will feature a series of interviews and backstage videos of the group.

The documentary is directed by Leilah Weinraub, who emphasizes that “Shakedown” focuses on a true subculture and gives people a unique insight into this particular one.

Watch the trailer for Pornhub’s very first non-pornographic documentary below. The movie can be streamed on Pornhub from March 4, 2020 until the end of the month. So you have to be quick! Check out the trailer below.

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