Pornhub Sold to Private Equity Firm

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According to reports from Reuters on Thursday afternoon, the Canadian private equity fund, Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), has acquired Mindgeek, the owner of the well-known streaming site, Pornhub. The purchase was made to enhance and protect the platform’s security. As a result, the orange and black-colored site, which has become an iconic presence in the internet world, is expected to change hands.

ECP describes itself as a “different” capital fund, unfettered by “legal and regulatory complexities”. We look for investment opportunities in industries that require fundamentally ethical leadership, the capital fund writes on its website.

The price at which Mindgeek, the company behind Pornhub, has been sold is not known. Currently, Pornhub utilizes technology developed by Vobile, which scans the site’s material to identify videos that have been removed in the past. ECP, a Canadian investment fund, has issued a press release stating that they are already in discussions with Mindgeek regarding potential changes for Pornhub and Mindgeek’s other porn platforms. The company states that they are collaborating with the Mindgeek team, content creators, activists, law enforcement, civil society organizations, and lawmakers to acquire knowledge and reinforce Mindgeek’s already secure platforms, going beyond their legal and regulatory obligations. Neither ECP nor Mindgeek has disclosed the financial details of Mindgeek’s sale.

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