Maison Margiela x Samsung Unveil A Special Edition Galaxy Z Flip5

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Samsung and Maison Margiela recently introduced the Galaxy Z Flip5, a cutting-edge device that seamlessly intertwines technological innovation and sophisticated design. This marks the second joint venture between the two renowned brands.

The rear glass of the device offers a glimpse into the intricate structure of a Margiela jacket, employing a semi-transparent effect to expose certain internal components of the phone. Stephanie Choi, EVP of Samsung, emphasized the fusion of fashion and technology in this second collaboration, likening the design approach to that of haute couture. The objective of this partnership is to encourage consumers to explore and express their unique identities without constraints.

Beyond the phone itself, the collaboration extends to include two distinct cases: the Flap Leather Case and the Flipsuit Case. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela Edition is set to hit the market in selected countries starting November 30.

Photos: Maison Margiela / Samsung

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