Rhude SS24 “A Dream Within A Dream”

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 “I looked back to when I was a kid growing up, packing our bags from different cities to countries with my parents in hopes to provide a bright future and a beautiful way of life. It’s taught me so much on the way I value the world”

Said Rhude founder, Rhuigi Villaseñor, while introducing the SS24 collection, which draws inspiration from his childhood summer vacations and infuses his personal style into the brand’s universe. This universe, which has never been fully explored before, bears a strong resemblance to Mediterranean fashion.

Villaseñor describes the new collection, titled “A dream within a dream,” as a manifestation of his personal aspiration to learn sailing. The designs encompass various elements such as large airplanes, camels in the Middle East, boats in Southeast Asia, prominent billboards in America, European secret agent movies, and superheroes. These recurring motifs unite under a common theme: the concept of the new American individual—an ideal that Villaseñor deeply yearns for.

The collection showcases a blend of tailored pieces, nautical-themed silks, and nylon tracksuits. While some items may have been previously seen from the brand, this season presents them in maritime tones, evoking a distinct coastal feel. Notably, the women’s section of the collection has significantly expanded. Although the brand has been incorporating womenswear into its collections for some time, Villaseñor is determined to further amplify this aspect. His ultimate goal is to transform the brand into the epitome of the American lifestyle, catering to people from all walks of life.

Photos: Rhude

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