Shl0ms Blows up Lamborghini to Protest Crypto Greed

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Conceptual artist and crypto-dadaist Shl0ms, recently blew up a Lamborghini Huaracan and turned the pieces of the wreckage into a limited edition NFT collection, called “$CAR“, starting at 0.01 ETH, or about $26. Consisting of 999 unique pieces. 888 will be up for grabs at auction, while 111 will be for the artist’s team, and used for an upcoming project. Each NFT will be accompanied by a 4K video of the blast, and proceeds from the collection will go to fund public art installations.

The purpose of the collection is to showcase that cryptocurrency should be more than just a get-rich-quck scheme. In an interview with Fortune, Shl0ms stated: “that contrary to what some media outlets have reported, the decision to destroy the Lamborghini was not a protest against crypto culture, calling it a “more general criticism of greed and short-termism in crypto.” 

For more information about the Shl0ms “$CAR” NFT collection, stay tuned to his website.

Photos Shl0ms

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