$9.9M in Crypto Donations Sent to Ukraine

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The number of crypto donations that are pouring into Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion, is almost at the $10M mark, and that number continues to rise. That includes purchases of NFT collections, such as Julian Assange and Murat Pak’s “Censored” and Pussy Riot’s “UkraineDAO“, which have been created to support Ukraine during the conflict.

The government of Ukraine have also confirmed that they are accepting cryptocurrency donations, and shared a direct link, where you can transfer your funds, via their official Twitter account.

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Ukraine DAO Flag NFT Sells for $6.75M – OVERSTANDARD – Culture & Creativity March 7, 2022 - 9:01 am

[…] Back in February we reported on the huge number of crypto donations that is being sent to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion. That includes the sale of NFT collections that has been made specially for for charity reasons, in support of Ukraine. One of them is the Ukraine DAO flag NFT, which has been pushed heavily by Pussy Riot, who has condemned and been verbal about the invasion from the beginning. A couple of days ago it sold for 2250 ETH, or $6.75 million, at an auction that began on February 26 and ended on March 2. […]

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