Supreme SS20 Graphic T-Shirts

by Rubén Palma
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After their capsule collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini, Supreme will not drop a collaboration this week, but instead offer us another batch of T-shirts for spring 2020.

As part of this drop, seven new graphic tees are introduced: a hand-painted sailboat with UFOs floating; a tribal iteration of the Supreme logo with a cat patterned in a similar style; a metallic dragon; a slanted iteration of its metallic logo; a dinosaur in the Supreme S logo cap; “Supreme Time” with a picture of the field; and a nebulous logo printed with the legend “everything is shit”.

Since Supreme’s physical stores in the US, UK, and France remain closed, T-shirts will be available only through the web store starting April 16, while Japan will see a subsequent launch online and in store on April 18.

Photos: Supreme

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