Supreme x Mark Leckey

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This week, Supreme is introducing an exclusive capsule collection in partnership with renowned British artist Mark Leckey, who holds the prestigious Turner Prize.

Mark Leckey, born in 1964, hails from the outskirts of Liverpool. He departed formal education at just 15 years old but later found his way to an art school in Newcastle before relocating to London in 1997. During his youth, Leckey was drawn to the Casuals, local groups of football aficionados. He described this affiliation as a form of attire, a disguise, a means of using style to undergo a personal transformation.

Leckey’s early artistic endeavors were centered on unraveling the potency of images and collective experiences. His artistic repertoire encompasses video art, sculpture, sound installations, and performances, all interwoven with a profoundly emotional exploration of British culture. His artworks delve into the intersections of youth, social class, public spaces, popular media, and technology while also delving into the reverberations of nostalgia and memory, whether personal or societal.

In 1999, Mark Leckey unveiled “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore,” a seminal video essay that weaves together found footage chronicling British dance movements from the 1970s to the 1990s. This collage offers a window into the world of discos, raves, and the burgeoning northern soul scene, all accompanied by an abstract, almost melancholic soundtrack. Leckey himself acknowledged that the title of the video essay is a commentary on how something as commonplace, disposable, and exploitative as a jeans brand can be transformed by a collective into something emblematic, influential, and affirming of life.

For their collaborative venture, they’ve drawn inspiration from Leckey’s artworks such as “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore,” “Dream English Kid, 1964–1999 AD,” and “GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction.” These evocative images are woven into a collection that comprises two distinctive jackets, a long-sleeve shirt, two pairs of trousers, a t-shirt, and even a skateboard deck. All these remarkable pieces will become available on September 14.

Photos: Supreme / Mark Leckey

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