The Met Museum to sell Pablo Picasso Sculpture for $30M

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET), in New York, will be auctioning off Picasso’s “Tête de femme (Fernande)” (head of a woman). The sculpture is one of two casts owned by The MET. It was created in 1909 and it is the head of Picasso’s muse, Fernande Olivier, who was a French artist and model. The sculpture was gifted to The Met in 2013, by Leonard A. Lauder, an art collector and heir to the world famous Estée Lauder company.

The renowned English auction house Christie’s, will be in charge of the auction, which will be held this coming May. It is expected to sell for around $30 million. Proceeds from the sale will be solely dedicated to future acquisitions for the Museum’s collection.

Photo: Christie’s

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