Véhicule, Lapo Elkann & Italia Independent Previews Limited Edition Capsule Collection

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Véhicule Magazine, Lapo Elkan and Italia Independent, have teamed up for an exclusive limited edition capsule collection, that can be won by following Véhicule Magazine. Otherwise it is available to friends and family only, as well as limited selected shops worldwide.

Véhicule is the only journal for avant-garde transportation and has a reputation for making intriguing and in depth stories about the cutthroat world of high-stakes powerboating and the transportation scene in general, like the Cocaine Cowboys, smuggling, and the drug scene of Miami in the 80s. And Miami is exactly what Véhicule embodies, keeping an exclusive 80s luxury / miami vice / scarface, aura around them. Besides that they’re known for focusing on quality over quantity, making high quality limited edition merchandise.

“Transportation journalism today offers nothing more than recycled, force-fed scripts. Once noble outlets have become long-form ads and are now puppets of private interests. They now follow a set of misguided norms to try and find what they think is integrity.”

– Christopher Kippenberger, Founder & Publisher of Véhicule

A release date for the Véhicule x Lapo Elkan x Italia Independent collaboration has yet to be released. But stay tuned and follow Véhicule Magazine and Italia Independent, for a chance to win the giveaway.

Photos: Jo Anna Flavia

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